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This page is supposed to help you to research pedigrees in connection with the official TIBCS HCM list.
It is similar to the list that is regularly updated and published.

With the search bar, you can look for names, cattery's and the registration number.

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Calculate the optimal Heart Parameter

You can calculate different parameters of the heart here. The calculations refer to the here published "Effect of Body Weight on Echocardiographic Measurements in 19,866 Pure-Bred Cats with or without Heart Disease" study.

Simply enter the weight and compare it to the data from the HCM report. The Optimal data is in between the data given in the brackets

BWBody weight
FS%Fractional shortening
HRHeart rate
IVSdInterventricular septum diastole
IVSsInterventricular septum systole
LALeft atrium
LA:AoLeft atrial-to-aortic root diameter ratio
LVLeft ventricle
LVFWdLeft ventricular free wall diastole
LVFWsLeft ventricular free wall systole
LVIDdLeft ventricular internal diameter diastole
LVIDsLeft ventricular internal diameter systole